Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where's a caveman when you need one

It's just past one in the morning and I'm sitting with my laptop on my lap writing this blog post. Why am I not sleeping you may ask? That is a damn good question. I've taken muscle relaxants and migraine meds that usually knock me out. Yet I'm sitting here wide awake. The house is quiet with is very nice. As I look around my living room I see my cat Salem sleeping on the recliner, Misty is sitting beside me and Cinder is on the back of the sofa. Then there's Castiel. He's busy wandering around the house. Maybe he has insomnia too. He's stalking the place like he's never seen it before. Oooh, what's over here. But at least he's quiet.

So where was I? Oh yes, not sleeping.

I went to bed, couldn't sleep so I tried playing Angry Birds. Damn that game is adicting. Those stupid pigs are crafty, evading my bombs and flying birds. And that music, very catchy. What i like is the sound of the birds as you fling them in the air. What a riot. Oh lord I need some sleep.

Okay, so what's a gal to do to try and get some sleep. If I were a cave woman, my man would grab me by the hair, drag me to his cave and conk me over the head with his club. Then I'd sleep. Yes, in my scenerio all he does is conk me over the head. The last thing i need now is sex. It always invigorates me, which right now, isn't such a good thing. Beside, my hubby is sound a sleep, snoring the way of a dead sleeper. Oh how I envy him.

Oh look, now Castiel has decided he wants to knock the water bowl over.  Wait no, he dropped one of his furry balls into the water. Yeah, he's spilling water all over the floor. The least he could do is wash the floor for me.

Have you ever seen the shadows in your house at night. Freaky! My hanging Spider plant looks like hands reaching out to get me.

Yep, now i think I'm delerious. LOL
I should take something to help me sleep. I do have to be up in five hours. Sigh...
Okay, gonna try a sleeping pill. Hope it helps. Wish me luck.

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