Saturday, February 25, 2012

My weekend with demons and Satan

Well, today is Saturday and what am I doing? Sitting at home feeling like crap. Just found out I have swollen and infected lymph nodes. Trust me, it is not fun. On antibiotics and pain meds.  So hubby is out most of today. He’s in a curling bonspiel all weekend and won’t be home until late tonight. So that leaves me to do plenty of work on my latest demon book. This one is giving me grief. It was originally 130,000 words and needed to be cut down. Not a problem, there’s stuff I and remove that won’t disrupt the story-line. Yet still…there’s more I need to take out. I’ve found my longer works don’t do as well as some of my shorts. So now I need to cut more out of the book to bring it down to at least 70,000. Oy!
So the story is about the son of Aurora and Scott Monroe from Offer the Demon. Mick Monroe is a kick ass rock star with killer looks and knows how to use them. He sleeps with plenty of women and has been known to lose his temper now and then.  Probably natural given he is the son of Satan. Well…sort of.  Like every bad boy, he thinks he can have who ever he pleases whenever he pleases. So when he sets his sights on Officer Lacy Harris he’s determined to get her into bed. He is in for a big surprise because she is as headstrong as he is and puts him in his place.  But when Mick meets her son, he discovers something inside of him he never knew existed.  
Satan is a determined animal who has the upper hand when it comes to Mick and when Mick refuses to do as he says, Satan gets nasty.  He kills Mick. Shocked? I hope so. So of course you know it will have a happy ending, but getting there is no picnic. There’s a confrontation with Satan with dire repercussions and no one in Mick’s family is safe.
So now you have an idea of what the story is like.  And now I need to get back to cutting out several words. Oy!
Have a great weekend!


BJ Scott said...

Good luck with the edits. Hard to go from 130,000 to 70,000 that is close to half the book.

Hope you feel better too.

Shiela Stewart said...

You're right BJ it is hard. Fortunately the things I’ve cut out haven't been too painful.