Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time for a laugh

Those that know me know that I love animals. I have six cats who often entertain me to no end. It’s interesting to watch them run around, chasing each other.  Often they will bounce up in the air with no effort what so ever.  I have one cat that plays fetch and one that plays volleyball. I kid you not. You toss a tiny ball at her and she will bat it back at you.  She will also jump sometimes three feet in the air to cat a ball when thrown up. She is a riot!

I love watching those animal videos on-line or on TV. It’s incredible to see a dog say “I Love You” Or a cat jumping up and opening a door on its own. Squirrels snatching a bag of chips from unsuspecting picnickers.  It always cracks me up. Well, this morning I’m watching CNN and see a video of a bear twirling a stick. Not just twirling, this bear has some awesome movies that would put some baton twirlers to shame. It’s so hilarious and incredible to watch. The bear is in a Japanese zoo and apparently loves sticks.  
Watching this video made me smile and laugh so I thought why not share my joy with all of you on this day, the middle of the week when the weekend looks so far away. And why should I just share one video, why not more. I love making people smile. J
So here you go. Hope it brightens your day! J

And to end it all. My Cat Misty playing volleyball with my hubby. :)

Have a great day!


Unknown said...

Haha! Yes, you gave me a great belly laugh, thank you very much, Ms. Shiela! No wonder you are highly entertained, LOL! That's just awesome

I hope you are having a great rest of the day :)

Gena Robertson

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Gena,

I'm having a crazy busy day but the good kind of crazy. :)

I'm glad i was able to entertain you. Have a great day!

BJ Scott said...

Animals can brighten your day without even trying, just by being themselves. Have four dogs and owned by one cat ;) Never a dull moment.

Shiela Stewart said...

You are so right, BJ. I have six cats and one dog and they do brighten my day, especially when i'm feeling down or sick.