Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Never write while sleep deprived

**Yawns** forgive me if I ramble a bit today. I’m going on day three of having very little sleep. No, I have not been up all night writing. That would be nice.  I’ve had a few rough days and nights dealing with some personal issues. Enough said. Anywho…back to what I was talking about. Writing with very little sleep. Have you ever done it? Did you actually accomplish anything? Were you able to read it?
The reason I ask is that I have writing while on little sleep. And trust me, it was readable. But at the time, I had a great idea and it couldn’t wait. I had to write it now.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I sat in my living room, laptop ready and began to type like a mad woman. The ideas rolled out of me in a flow I’ve never felt before. I couldn’t type fast enough, my fingers flew across the keyboard like lightning.  As I wrote I told myself this was the one that was going to take me to the top. Three hours later I hade several chapters done and sleep was calling. I saved the document then staggered off to bed. Despite being dog tired, I was hyped up about the epic novel I had just started. For the first time in days, I slept like a baby.

I should have stayed asleep.
Excited, I woke, ran to my laptop even before having breakfast and opened the document. I stared at the screen, blinking as if that would change what I saw before me. Nope, nothing changed. It was still crap.  There wasn’t a single sentence in the five chapters that made sense. I kid you not. Picture yourself, eyes closed, typing away. Now open your eyes. How well did you do? Probably better than I did while sleep deprived. My sentences looked similar to this.

Asdjoiefn gruhlasd ueoihas sa[ksdnkcfpos
Seriously! Yet in my mind, and in my sleep deprived vision I saw sentences of great writing. Paragraphs that were off the charts.
And do you think I could remember any of the idea when I Woke. Nope, not a trickle came to me. How is that possible? People do strange things while sleep deprived. I wrote the greatest crap story ever written. I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m too tired to think, or I’ve gone days with little sleep, I don’t write.
Anyone ever have an experience like mine? What did you do while sleep deprived?
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Faith said...

No, not like that but I've seen messages and notes my mother has written when she's gone 3 or 4 days without sleep and they're very similar to that.

When I'm tired or sleepy, I can't write. My brain just doesn't function without rest. Same goes for if I'm really ill.

Shiela Stewart said...

It was so weird. I was so tired that I was bumping into walls but my brain was crazy with the book idea. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for popping in Faith!

Kate Richards said...

Until I became a fulltime writer/editor I did everything sleep deprived! I had no idea how exhausted I was until recently I realized I'm not. I still don't sleep as much as most people and work long hours but I think job satisfaction helps a lot.
But I hope you are able to get more rest soon, I know life can throw you whammies.

Fierce Dolan said...

I don't know how not to be sleep-deprived. I just don't sleep much, at all. I expect to combust one day.

That said, I get a ton of my inspirations in the hypnagogic state. I work with trance a lot, and I can hold those between spaces really well. I've adapted to being able to write in them. What you are describing happens to me if I don't take a few minutes and at least write the crux of things down. This usually is me sending myself a cryptic email in the wee hours. When i try to talk myself into staying asleep and just holding onto the inspiration... it goes. Just about every time. I've managed to hold onto a few of late, but really, I need to take a few minutes and write what I can.

If being well-rested is part of the equation for good writing, I'm screwed. All the same, sweet dreams!!

Shiela Stewart said...

Well, I don't feel so alone now. :)

Thanks everyone for stopping in.

Happy writing!

B.J. Scott said...

Have done my share of sleep-typing or the lack there of and what I wrote made no sense at all.