Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Out with the old, or remake it.

Have writers run out if ideas? It sure does seem so these days. Anyone who has paid attention to the movie releases in the past year will see that what was once old is becoming new again. Some really classic movies of the eighties have been redone and modernized. Footloose, Clash of the Titans, The Karate Kid, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Conan the Barbarian, and The Thing. To name a few. I saw most of the originals and loved them. Some of the remakes…not so much.

Nightmare on Elm Street. There is no other Freddy beside Robert England. Period. I don’t care how much you try to make a new actor look like Freddy, he doesn’t cut it. And changing up the storyline…what the hell. I LOVED the original. It scared the piss out of me and I couldn’t sleep for days.
Karate Kid. I loved Jaden Smith and I normally love Jackie Chan but he is no Mr. Miyagi and where was the classic, “Wax on, Wax off?”Classic.
And what’s even worse there is talk about remaking Top Gun, Dirty Dancing and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
First, how can they replace Tom Cruise? Seriously? There is no one who can compare to him or even match him in this movie. Dirty Dancing. Seriously. I’m not sure how Patrick Swayze would feel about the remake, but his wife is gun ho and gives her approval. Her approval or not, no one is better as the role of Johnny than Swayze. And if they don’t add the famous,” Nobody puts Baby in a corner” they’re doomed. And lastly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The remake is apparently going to have a whole new twist. The turtles are going to be aliens. I kid you not. WTF? Really?
When I told my kids that Karate Kid is a remake form an 80’s movie they were sure I’d lost my mind. Until I showed it to them. And yes, we went to see it. I enjoyed the movie, but I dearly missed Mr. Miyagi and of course, the wax on wax off part.
21 Jump Street, the TV series which launched Johnny Depp’s career is now a movie. I never saw the TV series, but I’ve heard that the movie is nothing like the series. It’s a comedy and it appears to be doing well in the theater.
I just don’t know why these movies are being remade. Have we run out of ideas that we need to take the old and remake it? As a writer I guess I can get some of it. An idea is taken from say…Beauty and the Beast and twisted to modernize it. But would it be okay for an author to rewrite a classic like Gone With the Wind? What about Pride And Prejudice? War and Peace? Gasp!
Still, despite being remakes, the theatersare full. Our kids haven’t seen the originals and that is what producers are going for. A whole new crowd to entertain. Just don’t touch the classics!


D L Jackson said...

I agree. I've heard rumors of a new Star Wars, ugh. Though it's more 70's. That's just wrong.

Fierce Dolan said...

I know... I'm told the stream of remakes are because the industry is suffering under this economy. Cry me a river. If they didn't rely so much on effects and focused on talent, maybe production wouldn't cost so much.


Shiela Stewart said...

Hi DL,
I heard they were going to add the 3D affect to Star Wars but nothing about a remake. Seriously, leave it alone. Its a classic and doesn;t need remaking.

I totally agree with you Fierce. 3D was nice at the begining but now its being overdone. And if they're going to put money on special effects at least make them look good.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

but they want to bring old classics to the new generation.... LOL
oh man, that is the crappiest excuse ever for not having original ideas for the next big movie.

Dirty Dancing and Top Gun are not rumors; the remakes are on!
Will I go see them? Well...that depends. If Chris Hemsworth does end up playing Johnny in Dirty Dancing, along side Emma Stone, then yes, I will. If not, then no way!
Top Gun?! No. not unless Ice Man, Maverick and Goose are played by three incredibly HOT men.
yeah. hot men are the only reason I'd give these remakes a go.

Jessica Subject said...

I'm not one for remakes. Usually they don't even come close to the original. I used to watch 21 Jump Street all the time, with a huge crush on Peter Deluise, but I have no interest in seeing the movie.

The movies I'm looking forward to are adaptations of books and comic books.

And the turtles as aliens? No, just no.

Shiela Stewart said...

LOL JoAnne! You are so right. I know there have been plenty of remakes over the years but it seems to be getting worse which makes me wonder where the good writers have goone and why they can't come up with something new.

Thats the sad thing, Jessica. They try to remake a perfectly decent movie and end up screwing it all up. Leave well enough alone.

B.J. Scott said...

Remakes just don't cut it. If the movie was good enough to prompt a remake, chances are the new one will never surpass the original. The same goes for when they try to continue and old classic where it left off. The first thing that comes to mind is a Gone With the Wind continuation they did a while back. You can never recapture the essence of that movie and the sequel was horrible. Don't think I have seen a remake that came close to the original.

Zee Monodee said...

OMG, a remake of Top Gun? No, no, no!!! No one can replace Tom Cruise, and there's no actor as cool as Iceman aka Val Kilmer was in that movie. Gosh, what are they thinking? And the turtles as aliens? For real?

While I agree that the new generation can get to see some stories when they're remade (my boys love the new Karate Kid, and seriously, Arnie never did anything for me, but Jason Momoa... now we're talking! *grin*), some stuff should not be touched. Full stop!

Have you also noticed the trend where a movie is made into a series and sequel after sequel keeps coming out? It's like they've run out of original ideas completely!

Shiela Stewart said...

It really is sad how many remakes there are and yes, sequels to movies that were great. Sequels are never as good as the first. Paranormal Activity 1 was great. 2 sucked and three was okay.
I hear there is supposed to be a sequel to Avatar. Really? Bad. Very bad.