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Tues Tidbits with B.J. Scott

Welcome Romance Author Meggan Connors
Tell us what inspires you to write you novels.

As writers, we are often asked, "What inspires you?"
I usually come up with something—people watching, or a phrase I heard, or some show on television. And for each individual story, the answer is true. The Marker really was inspired by The World Series of Poker and a conversation I had with my husband. A story I just finished was actually inspired by a map of mineshafts in an old ghost town. So, I can give you specifics for each individual story.

But if we're talking in generalities, the short answer is, "I wish I knew." Because,honestly, if I knew precisely what it was about those two incidents that inspired two very different stories, I would do that all the time. Seriously. All the time. I'd never do anything but.
I would let the inspiration wash over me, and I would be the never-ending font of inspiration. That would be rad.

No more unruly muses. No more writer's block. No more agonizing over the right approach. After all, in my happy land of never-ending inspiration, you wouldn't have to worry about that. You'd be inspired all the time, and every story you wrote would be golden.

But here's the truth: inspiration is really all about luck and hard work. Sometimes a story will work out, and sometimes not. Sometimes, it really does feel like, in digging for your story, you've hit an enormous vein of inspiration, and everything you write is pure gold. Other times, it feels like everything you pull up is fool's gold—looks okay, but it's not real and it won't last. (More importantly, you won't get paid for it)

So I don't know where my inspiration comes from, and, when I start a story, I don't always know if I've hit gold or iron pyrite. I don't even know if I'll find something as worthless as fool's gold—maybe I'll start something and will just wind up dirty and in a deep hole. Hey, these things happen.

If any of you have the key to the fountain of inspiration, let me know. Because if you've got it, I can fire my fickle muse.

What about you?
What inspires you? And what makes you keep writing, even when it feels like your inspiration has dried up?

Time to get to know a little bit about this talented author.
If a book was going to be written about your life, what would it be called? Write a short 3 line blurb or pitch to sell me on your book.

Title: I Am the Honey Badger
I am unassuming and strangely cute. But don't you "honey" me. Mess with me, and will mess you up. I am the honey badger.
(Honestly, had a hard time coming up with a blurb, because the title really sells itself, doesn't it?)

Interesting title and blurb, Meggan.
Tell the readers what was the most embarassing, most romantic or funniest moment of your life?

I've got so many embarrassing moments. The one that comes to mind the fastest is this story:
I was on the shuttle at my university. I was wearing this super cute, ankle length skirt, a nice blouse, and the cutest set of boots I owned. I was going up to the med school, and at the previous stop, the football team got on the shuttle.

The shuttle was loud, as people talked and cheered the football players. It was still noisy when the shuttle came to a stop at the med school. I stood up to get off the shuttle, and the heel of my boot got caught in my skirt. So much for ankle length, right?
The damn thing hit the floor, and the shuttle went silent.

I mean, SILENT. Like, I could hear crickets chirping a mile away it was that quiet.

I stood there, paralyzed. I looked up, and everyone on the shuttle was staring out the window. The guy sitting next to me (who had a great view of my granny panties), was studying his hands like they were the most interesting things on Earth.

It felt like forever that I stayed like that, but it must have only been a matter of seconds. I bent down to pick up my skirt and pulled it on, and, squaring my shoulders, I marched off that shuttle like nothing had happened, while everyone on the shuttle carefully avoided eye contact.

I know, because I had my head up for probably the first time in my life.

In any case, I was the only person to get off at that particular stop, and, as the shuttle pulled away, I heard a snicker. A snicker that turned into a laugh that turned into a guffaw that turned into…. Well, you get the point.

I could still hear them when the shuttle stopped at the next stop.
I went inside and immediately told the story to the first person who would listen, and I laughed so hard my stomach cramped and tears rolled down my face. Because honestly, this stuff only happens to me.

That is a very embarrassing moment to be sure. Good thing you have a great sense of humor and could laugh it off. Bet you never wore those boots with that skirt again.

Describe yourself in five words: Using only verbs or adjectives.
Brave (80% of the time). Is 80% brave an adjective?

The animals you choose as your favorites or to surround yourself say a lot about who you are and how you think. What are your three favorite animals and why? If you don't like animals, that is okay too. Tell us why.

Favorite animals? Uh, well, here they are, in order.
1. Dogs. 2. Cats. 3. Honey badgers.
I think dogs and cats are obvious. I have pets and I like them. I like honey badgers because those dudes are badass, and I think that's funny. They're cute in an ugly kind of way. They're not that big. But they'll eat a cobra for breakfast. Oh, yeah, the honey badger has such a sweet name, but they're totally badass.

The choices you made are very interesting. Dog are pack animals, loyal and will go out of their way to please their master. Cats tend to keep to themselves and while they do enjoy being lavished with attention, it is on their own terms. The honey badger is a unique choice. Badgers are tenacious, and fiercely protective of their young and their territory. Not an animal you want to mess with if angry.

So we can conclude that while Meggan is a loving, loyal person who enjoys being with her pack, she also likes to have time to herself, enjoys being pampered, likes to have a say as to when and where she does things, and don’t ever mess with her, her family, or try to force her to do something that does not suit her at the moment.

If your hero and heroine were on the Newly Wed Game. How would they answer these questions?

Host: Tell us about the first time you made love. Where was it and was it
(a) Like hells afire
(b) A lesson in anatomy
(c) Like a children's game of show and tell

Nicholas: the first time we made love was at my late brother's house in San Francisco. And I'll have to go with (a) It was like hell's afire.

Lexie: He's right! I said a!

Host: The most annoying thing about my husband/hero is...

Lexie: He flirts with everyone. He'll flirt with the dog.

Nicholas: But you're my favorite person to flirt with.

Host : The most endearing thing about my wife/heroine is...

Nicholas: She's got the most beautiful spirit of anyone I've ever met. She's got a great sense of humor. And she tolerates me.

Host: Pick one.

Nicholas: Her humor. She's funny. Or at least she thinks she is.

Lexie: Awww, honey.

Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island what five things would you want with you?

1. Something to write with.
2. Something to write on (other than number 3. Though I would happily write there, too)
3. Viggo Mortensen (I mean, honestly)
4. A pina colada.
5. Antibiotics (I'll leave it to your imagination as to why I'd want that)

Thanks for being with us today Meggan. Good luck with your current book and future projects.

Thanks for having me!

Book Blurb
When her father loses her in a poker game, Lexie Markland is sent to work in the household of Nicholas Wetherby for one year to pay off the debt. Innocent, but not na├»ve, she is savvy enough to know she must maintain her distance from this man, who frustrates her with his relentless teasing but whose kisses bring her to her knees. Because although she may be just another conquest to him, it’s not just her heart in jeopardy should she succumb to Nicholas’ considerable charms.

Since his brother's death almost a year before, nothing has held Nicholas’ attention for long—not women, not booze, not even an excellent hand at cards. Nothing, that is, until he meets the woman he won in a drunken night of poker. Intrigued by his prize and her chilly reserve, he makes it his mission to crack Lexie’s cool demeanor. But even as passion explodes between them, the question remains: will Nicholas be able to take the ultimate risk...and gamble on love?

Author Bio:
Meggan makes her home in the Wild West with her lawman husband, two children, and a menagerie of pets. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Sacramento Valley chapter. When she's not writing, she can be found playing with her kids, hiking in the mountains, or reading a book.

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Meggan Connors said...

Thanks for having me BJ!

Casey Wyatt said...

Awesome interview Meggan! Thank you for the laughs this early in the morning!

Ann Montclair said...

Genuinely funny! Love this writer and hr book!

B.J. Scott said...

It is great to have you here today, Meggan. I agree with Casey and Ann, waking up to a smile is the best way to start a day and you have done that for our commenters today ;)

Casey and Ann, thanks for stopping in

Susan M said...

I'll have to take your word on the honey badger, I've never met one. But I pick number five, Viggo Mortinsen!!!!

B.J. Scott said...

Thanks for stopping in today Susan.

Meggan Connors said...

Thanks Casey! I appreciate your stopping by!

Meggan Connors said...

Thank you, Ann! I appreciate the kind words!

Meggan Connors said...

Hi Sasan!

I've never met a honey badger either--or any badger, for that matter. But honey badgers are the new obsession in my house.

But yes, if I had to be stranded, I'd like to be stranded with Viggo. I might even give up the pina colada (gasp!) in exchange for massage oil (ooohhh). :)

jamie said...

As always, you're interviews are super fun! Thanks for giving me a smile this morning.

Meggan Connors said...

I'm so glad you came by. I try!

I guess it's a hood thing I have no sense of shame and/or a good sense of humor, huh? Otherwise the skirt thing may have broken me.

Bev Irwin / Kendra James said...

Hello, Barb and Honey Badger. I love that description. I think of myself as a purring cat but watch out if you mess with my family or friends this kitty shows her tiger stripes.

B.J. Scott said...

Thanks for stopping in Bev. I feel the same way. But then a Tiger is my second fav animal ;)

Meggan Connors said...

That's really funny, Bev.

And yes, please call me Honey Badger from now on... The Marker, written by Honey Badger.

Now I just cracked myself up!

Shiela Stewart said...

Love the interview! It gave me a laugh when I read the Honey Badger. I had this vision of a badger mixed with Winnie the Pooh. LOL

Meggan Connors said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the honey badger has a super cute name, but those are some bad dudes. :)

Janna Shay said...

As always, your humor made my day more enjoyable.

You're too cute, honey badger.

Loved your book The Marker. Look forward to more from you.

Don't ever lose your sense of humor, it's refreshing.

Meggan Connors said...

Thanks Janna! I'm so glad you liked it!