Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The next great movie by Shiela Stewart

I’ve been told several times that my comedy novel Kidnapped should be made into a movie. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not that easy. Every author dreams about having their book turned into a movie and yes, I think Kidnapped would make a phenomenal movie.  Still, how does one go about getting someone to agree to make it? Curious, I actually looked into it. First step, turn your book into a screenplay. No problemo. Any chapped-ass monkey with a keyboard could poop out a screenplay. (Anyone watch Supernatural? If so you probably recognize the phrase I just used. If not, look it up. :D)

Uh huh, and if you believe that you’re a fool. Nothing worth having or doing is easy. Life would suck if everything was easy. So back to the screenplay.  It looks relatively easy. Like writing a book without those pesky fillers between dialogues.  Nah, there’s more to it than that, or so I’ve learned. So despite thinking I can conquer anything and write the next great movie, I’ve decided to take a course on screenwriting. Not only will I know how to write a screenplay, but I can add it to my resume. Could lead to other good things in my life.

The course I’m looking at is an online course, which works perfectly for me. The only problem is, finding the time. Though I don’t work outside the home, I do have my hands full. I have a blog called Book Cover Lovers where I showcase author’s book covers and places to purchase. A quick and easy way for authors to promote their work with little to no effort at all.  Lately it’s been really booming which is great! It keeps me on my toes putting up covers, adding in info for the book and places to purchase, plus promoting it. Then I have a personal blog that I share with two other authors called That’s What She Said. I usually post my own stuff on Wednesdays and do the occasional interview for other authors on Mondays.  Then there is my weekly spot on Authors Promoting Authors where I post anything from writing info to rants and jokes. My mind is constantly on overdrive. Then add in time to write which lately hasn’t been much, plus a daughter who is struggling with her mental health right now and keeping me up at night.  Add it all up and it spells very little time.

But, taking this screenwriters course is important to me so I’m going to make time for it, even if I have to give up eating and peeing. J Because the dream of having my book made into a movie is something I just can’t give up.

Here is a look at Kidnapped. (No longer published)


Elizabeth Cromwell is rich, gorgeous and doesn’t have a care in the world. Until she’s whisked away in a van, blindfolded and gagged. Liz is helpless and completely unable to fight against her abductor. Or so he thinks.

 Mackenzie Tyrell is a good man in a desperate situation. About to see all of his hopes and dreams die, Mac gets caught in a web of deceit that may become his undoing.

 The plan was simple—abduct the beautiful blonde and hold her for ransom. But when the feisty Elizabeth escapes and then turns the table on Mac, all bets are off. Now he’s tied up and at Liz’s mercy. Was this the worst mistake Mac’s ever made? Or, will the choice lead him to discover something and someone that will change his life forever?


Her head throbbed with the mother of all headaches. And who wouldn’t have a headache after listening to the incessant nattering of the two most boring people in the world? Liz pushed through the restaurant doors and into the hot mid morning sun, looking forward to spending a good three hours at the spa, relaxing.

She simply didn’t know why she continued these weekly brunches with Bonnie and Moira; the two irritated the hell out of her. Actually, she did—it was for her father,
who insisted Liz align herself with the ‘right’ sort of people. What on earth could possibly be right where Bonnie and Moira were concerned, aside from the fact that they came from money and everyone knew them? They were the epitome of snobby rich and so not like her.

She pulled the keys from her purse and noticed her hand bag looked a little worn. Maybe after her spa treatment she should go shopping for a new bag. She was entitled, after all, having to deal with the gossipy twosome for the last few hours.

Flipping her long hair over her shoulder, Liz hurried to her car, her Prada heels clicking as she walked. Pressing the button on the remote, she engaged the engine which would automatically start up the air-conditioning. There was nothing worse than getting into a hot car.

She was going to enjoy being pampered.

Approaching her car, she frowned, seeing the dark, dusty, blue van parked unforgivably close to it. Squeezing through the minimal opening, careful not to soil her slacks on the dirty van, Liz reached for the car door. She heard the van doors behind her slide open. A hand clamped over her mouth and another grabbed her around the waist. In the time it took her to think to scream, she was yanked into the van and the doors slammed shut.

Before she had a chance to utter a single word in protest, someone shoved a cloth in her mouth and tied it tightly around her head. For a split second she saw the hands as they lifted a cloth to her eyes, covering up her sight. As the shock began to wear off, Liz came to the alarming revelation.

She was being kidnapped.

Despite the rag in her mouth, she screamed, though it came out muffled. Using her best defense, she began to kick wildly with her legs, her fists stabbing at air. There was no damn way she was going to sit still and let this happen to her.

Her foot connected with something solid and when she heard the wild cursing, she knew she’d hit her abductor. So she kept kicking and flailing with her hands.

“God damn bitch.”

The force of the blow to her jaw knocked her back, hitting her head on the floor as she fell. Stars exploded before her covered eyes as the pain ricocheted from her jaw to her head. The nausea began to build in her gut and she thought she might vomit as he rolled her onto her stomach, then held her.

She yelped when he yanked her arms back and tied them roughly together by the wrists.

“Serves you right.”

His nails scraped her bare feet as he ripped the shoes from her feet. What the hell was going to happen to her? What did he have planned to do with her? She began to panic, her breathing rapid as she rolled herself over. Pulling her legs to her chest, she prayed for someone to save her.

It startled her when the van began to roll and she realized there was more than one abductor. She felt every bump as the vehicle bounced on the road, making her already jittery stomach swirl like a tornado. She swallowed it back, demanding her body not expel the contents of her breakfast because she knew the outcome would not be a pleasant one. Not with the gag over her mouth. It seemed that they drove forever, stopping here and there for moments, then rolling along again.

She knew he was near because she could hear his breathing. Her mind foggy, she couldn’t think above the pain. What should she do? What should she do?

When the van stopped and she heard a door open, then close, she sucked in a deep breath, her stomach tense as she prepared for the worse. The screech of metal startled her as the sliding door opened. Her heart began to race so fast she thought she might pass out.

“Grab her legs.”

“Her mouth is bleeding.”

“Yeah.” He laughed.

She felt hands sliding under her back as another set grabbed hold of her ankles. Her body tensed as they lifted and shifted her. Where were they taking her?

“Let me go,” she mumbled through the cloth in her mouth, jerking her body in an attempt to break free.

“Hold her.”

“I’ve got her.”

His hands slid under her arm pits and grabbed hold of her breasts. She felt the nausea rising up in her throat.

“Cut it out.”

“Oh come on, I’m just having a little fun.”

“There’s no need for that.”

Liz heard a door creak, keys jingling, then another door opening. There wasn’t another sound to be heard anywhere. Silence still in the air, Liz wondered where she’d been taken.

“I can take her from here.”

“I’ve already got a good grip.”

One voice was deep, the other whiny and higher in tone. The one with the higher tone had been in the back of the van with her, and the one who’d hit her. How many others were there?

The way they shifted her, she judged that she was being carried up a flight of stairs, and from the sound of the stairs, they weren’t carpeted. The one holding her feet wore boots of some sort that made a clomping sound as he stepped. And the one near her head wore softer soled shoes, maybe running shoes. His hands were soft, despite the brutality, and he wore something with buttons down

the front. He smelt like cheap cologne and sweat.

Everything she could, she put to memory. Even if she couldn’t see her abductors, at least she could identify them by smell and sound.

“Set her down on the chair.”

The deep voiced one. She felt the chair beneath her butt, then hands pressing her down. The instant the hands slid from around her chest, she bolted up, attempting to break free. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t see, she wasn’t going to sit still while they did God knew what to her.

“Hold her down, damn it.”

“I didn’t think she would make a break for it.”

The hand that grabbed her viciously yanked her down, planting her hard into the chair, and when he leaned down and whispered in her ear, she knew it was the snooty one.

“Try that again and I’ll knock you so hard you won’t remember your name.”

“Hey, settle down.”

“Just tie her up already.”

The one with the deep voice didn’t seem to care much for the snooty voiced one. She felt something brush over her chest and she tensed up. When it pulled against her, she realized they were tying her up with a rope. “Please, let me go,” she mumbled through the cloth.

“Not going to happen, sweetheart.”

The deep voiced one was tying her up. He had a different smell to him, something familiar. Calvin, he wore Calvin cologne and he wore boots of some sort, his voice was deep and he didn’t seem to like his partner. Remember it, Liz, remember every detail.

“There, that should hold her.”

She flinched as the hands touched the back of her head, then realized they were untying her blind fold. It slid away and she blinked rapidly, trying to get her eyes to focus. The hands worked at the back of her head once more, untying the gag.

“Please, please just let me go.” She wished she could rub her eyes to make them focus.

“Maybe you should have left the gag over her mouth.”

Her eyes shifted to her left where the voice came from. Through her blurred vision, she could make out the figure standing at her side. Blinking her lashes, she saw he wore a mask, a female mask, and he was tall and thin. He wore a silk green shirt with buttons running along the front. And as her eyes focused she looked into the mask of Betty Rubble.

“She’s secured, we can go now.”

Her head turned to her right and to the big man moving out from behind her. He wore a white polo style shirt, blue jeans and work boots, and as he turned to face her, she saw the Bart Simpson mask that covered his entire head, save the eyes and mouth.

She’d been abducted by Betty Rubble and Bart Simpson.

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Robert C Roman said...

I frequently have people comment on my books that they 'read like movies'. In fact, the first MS I ever wrote, which I still have high hopes for, was described by one beta reader as 'a Micheal Bey sci-fi blockbuster'. Hey, I kinda like Bey's movies. They're not deep, but they are pretty...

Recently, I had someone comment that my novella 'The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones' had a very M-Night-esque ending. Now, I happen to know an aspiring screenwriter who just happens to have worked on every M Night film in some capacity. I sent it to him, asking him if he thought it would convert well to a screenplay. If he tells me 'yes', I'm going to see if he wants to co-author the screenplay with me and, well... see where things go.