Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tues Tidbits with BJ Scott


Hello and thanks for joining me today on Tues Tidbits with BJ Scott

For those of us who write, it is a passion we find hard to sate. The more we write, the more involved we become with our characters, the more inspired we are to finish the book and move on to the next. If you are anything like me, your head is filled with ideas, your computer files bulging with partial manuscripts and book outlines just waiting to be finished.

Being a published author is so exciting...a dream come true, and there are days all I want to do is write. It all sounds so simple, but it isn't always that easy. In addition to writing deadlines, edits, promoting your books, critiques for fellow authors and working on our own WIP, 'Real Life' can also get in the way of your progress.

While I love to write and hope to someday make that my career, I still have to work at a regular job. That is if I don't want to find my husband, four dogs and I living in our 1980s camper van lol. In fact to make ends meet in this age of ever increasing cost, I also have a small home based business that helps to keep us above water.

Being primarily a summer/fall business, things are quieter during the winter months. But that does not mean my full time job, family commitments and other unexpected events don't interfere with my time to write or to sleep. As the pressure mounts, the idea of cloning and a day with 30 hours sounds more appealing all the time. LOL

While I usually manage to muddle through, meet my deadlines,get my work done and even manage to do a little house work from time to time, there are days when I feel so overwhelmed, I start to question my ability to cope. This often leads to the dreaded writer's block, which further complicates things.

Right now, I am working on two manuscripts, each with a tight deadline for completion. My need to finish these and get them published high on my prirotiy list. But of late, my mind is so bogged down with other things and my time occupied with so many commitments that finding the time is difficult. Especially since writer's block has been a major issue. Add the fact that my summer business is geared to start again this coming weekend and I want to scream "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!"

Along with being published comes the onus of providing your fans and prospective readers with book you can be proud of and that meet their expectations. I don't want to be one of the authors who after one successfull book are happy to turn out anything, especially a book that is mediocre or worse. Sales and profit must take a backseat and quaility must be first and foremost.

I am sure all of you have been faced with this problem and while some authors are lucky enough to write full time and do not have to work, that does not mean you don't face many of the same problems.



B.J Scott

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AM Bishop said...


You KNOW I want to get my hands on your next book. What do you mean you have writer's block? Don't make me cry... I want the next book after Highland Legacy and you promised me you'll get it done.

Do you want me to cry?

I've been waiting all winter and I don't know if I can wait any longer. Please!!!

Hey did I mention I'll cry if that will help your writer's block?

Love you post and I how you know, your fans can't wait to read more. We love you!!!

AM Bishop said...

Love your post and now you know, your fans can't wait to read more. We love you!!!

B.J. Scott said...

LOL too funny AM.

Thanks for stopping by and brightening my day. Still have a lot on my plate but supportive friends always makes the load a lot easier to carry. Doing my best to finish my book and will meet my deadine ;) Doesn't mean it will be easy though lol

Waiting for South Beach too hint, hint the sequel to your fabulous book North Star ;)

Shiela Stewart said...

Hmmm, how do I cope? Bottles and bottles of wine. LOL

Seriously though. If I'm feeling overwhelmed and need a break I take one day to myself and do nothing. Not even writing. I'll sit and watch a movie, go for a walk and just let my brain have a break. It may seem impossible but sometimes we have to do it just to refuel.

Hope things calm down for you soon.

Ann Montclair said...


I feel your pain. My best coping tools are vigorous exercise, lots of sleep, hot, perfumed baths, and good old-fashioned prayer. I also plan a huge reward for getting something I dread doing done -- a big, gooey donut or a new pair of shoes. You know, something that would otherwise make me feel guilty, but I earn it.

I like Sheila's suggestion of oodles of wine. :)

I wish you the best of luck with your new writing projects. I know they'll be excellent. I have heaps of faith in you and your Scottish heroes.

B.J. Scott said...

That is a good idea and a sound plan. Have done the same but sometimes it just doesn't work out that I can take a day off. Actually, can't remember he last time I had a day to do what ever I wanted lol Sounds like Heaven ;)

B.J. Scott said...

Awe thanks Ann

Your idea of getting away sounds wonderful. Just wish I could and if I drink more than a glass of wine, I fall asleep so better refrain right now. lol although it sounds good.

So does the gooey donut. ;)

Callie said...

Hey B. J.

Writers block. Hmm. What I've done in the past is continue to write, even if I think it's lousy. Keep going, and eventually, something clicks, and I can go back and fix what I wrote before. Luckily, it hasn't happened too often.

Bev Irwin / Kendra James said...

Hi Barb
Keep up the good work on the writing and someday you will be able to quit the day job and just write. I cope with walking in the woods, listening to music and meditating.

B.J. Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by Callie. Writing is usually good therapy. When you can find the time lol

B.J. Scott said...

Hi Bev

hope you're right. Would like nothing better as I am sure you can relate ;)

A walk in the woods sounds nice