Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome Romance Author Ann Montclair!

Join me today on TUESDAY TIDBITS WITH B.J. SCOTT as I welcome Ann and she shares some information about her current novel and upcoming releases.

Ann, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Los Angeles, California, where my parents and grown daughter now reside. I currently live in the Finger Lakes region of New York with my sexy hero, our handsome son, and a pile of lazy dogs and ferocious cats. I enjoy a plethora of hobbies including but not limited to attending concerts, hiking and cycling, cooking, and gardening. I love to dance, to dress up, and I'll go just about anywhere a good time can be had.

I've built a satisfying career as an English professor at a small, rural community college, and now I'm also writing and publishing romance. I've finished and sold a few contemporary titles, and I'm working on perfecting a Tudor historical and penning a modern day romantic suspense.
I plan to spend the rest of my life reading and writing in my little cabin in the woods.

My biggest wish is that each of my readers will be inspired to believe in and find their own happily-ever-after.

Ann's debut novel THE BILLIONAIRE'S BAUBLE was release in 2011 by Soul Mate Publishing.

The Billionaire's Bauble

Determined to land an executive position at Grant Oil, Sloane Porter, an educated, independent woman with goals for the future, refuses to consider the option of returning to her home in New York and the life she'd left behind. But when she arrives in the CEO's office with a stellar resume in hand, can she ignore the fact that in a moment of weakness, she'd kissed this man in a Fairbanks bar two years earlier? Can she remain indifferent and land the job, or will the man who has haunted her dreams steal her heart and change her life forever?

Having read this book, I can assure readers they are in for an excellent read from this talented author.

Tell us about the books you will have released at Musa Publishing in 2012

My second novel, One Wet Summer, is forthcoming on May 25, 2012

Questioning her life plans and risking her heart to the hotelier and his motherless daughter weren't on the vacationing teacher's to do list—funny how things can change in a heartbeat.

Maura Fields loves her uncomplicated, independent, single life, but things quickly change when a summer vacation opens the door to an unexpected world of passion and desire. Wealthy Savannah hotelier Ben Driscoll had his playboy lifestyle upended when his ex-wife died, entrusting him to care for their daughter—a child he sequesters and vows to protect from future heartache and disappointment. Can the wall Ben has built around his heart withstand the assault from the intriguing, beguiling Maura, or will it crumble, leaving him vulnerable to the undeniable attraction and unbridled need to make her his own?

My third novel, Good Things Come in Tall Packages, is forthcoming in August 2012 from Musa Publishing.

Readers first meet Lucy Alcott and Joe Connors in One Wet Summer, but in Good Things Come in Tall Packages, their romance really begins . . .

When vivacious Savannah attorney and socialite Lucy Alcott entered the Hyatt looking for fun, martinis, and if lucky, some hot sex, the last thing she expected to find was a man who would compel her to reveal her innermost thoughts and challenge her adversity to love and commitment. Polar opposites in every sense of the word, tall, handsome, debonair, African American Dr. Joe Connors, with his compassion, deep spirituality, and philanthropic nature, rocked Lucy like no man had before. When an unexpected meeting six months later brings them together again, will a family crisis and Joe's request for help overcome Lucy's fear of losing her heart, or is the fact they are from two worlds and two ethnicity destined to keep them apart forever?

These sound wonderful and I can hardly wait.

Are you working on any new projects?

•I'm working on a Tudor Historical romance currently titled A Lady in Deed I am also working on a Romantic suspense.

Being a lover of historicals and romantic suspense, those are two I will be watching for.
Where can we buy your current release?


Thank you for joining us today Ann. If you want to learn more about Ann Montclair and her wonderful books, visit her at her web site


Casey Wyatt said...

Hi Ann. I loved Billionaire's Bauble and can't wait to read your next 2 books! Rock on sista!

Mandi Casey said...

Hi Ann, loved your first novel, can't wait for more. You are a truly talented author :) congrats!

Ann Montclair said...

Thanks, Mandi and Casey: praise from such talented authors means much to me. I am excited to share my new stories. I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

B.J. Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies. I know Ann appreciates the visits.
Good luck with your books as well!

Meggan Connors said...

Great post! Your first book was fantastic, and I can't wait to read more!

pollidog said...

Billionaire's Bauble was awesome. Look forward to the next books! Congrats!

Rose said...

All of your work sounds so awesome, Ann! Can't wait to keep reading your stuff for a long time to come. Congrats!

Ann Montclair said...

Thank you, BJ, Meggan, Pollidog and Rose. I appreciate you kind comments and positive energy. :)

B.J. Scott said...

Meggan, Pollidog and Rose, thanks for stopping by.

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Ann, pleasure to meet you. Your books sound wonderful!

You saif you're working on a Tudor Historial romance. Would that be the Tudor era as in King Henry the 8th? I'd be facinated to know more about this book as I am truly facinated with that era.

Ann Montclair said...

Yes, Sheila, A Lady in Deed is set in 1533 and is about a novitiate taken from her priory by her uncle who sees the Protestant turnover as very dangerous for his orphaned niece. She falls for his hunky, soldier son, and together they work to save the family estate which has been devastated by the sweat.
The Lady is the Law is set in 1487. It's a about a widow of Lancaster who is left to sheriff her shire when her husband is killed during the War of the Roses; mystery abounds as she falls for a poacher who ends up being a Yorkist lord recently released from the Tower after imprisonment for treason to the new king. Of course, the sexy lawbreaker is the only one capable of helping her unravel the problems caused by her late husband's unfair appropriation of tenant properties, and when the King demands soldiers the Lord has to choose between the lady and loyalty to his defeated house.

I have completed both, but they are still in rewrites.

Thanks for asking, Sheila. :)

Janna Shay said...

The Billionaire's Bauble was fantastic. I can't wait to read One Wet Summer (sexy cover by the way)and Good Things Come in Tall Packages.

Sounds like you have an ideal and happy life. Good luck in everything you do.

B.J. Scott said...

Thanks to everyone who joined us today.

Ann, best of luck with your books and future projects.

C.K. Garner said...

I'm looking forward to reading your novels, Ann. Great Interview! C.K.

AM Bishop said...

I hate coming to the party late but I'm in graduation hell at the university. Loved your interview Ann.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how fiction follows life? Mandi Casey and her sister both have had affairs, preyed on men for their lives; Mandi actually drove one to his death, out of her false love for him, just to quote “have some fun”. Mandi’s sister destroyed a 22 year marriage after she got everything out life that she should could not have accomplished on her own, now is working on a second to suck the life out of him...Vampires do live among us