Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 2 of my screenwriting course

Sorry for not posting an update on Monday. I didn’t receive my assignment until today. So far its been a piece of cake. Watched the movie, Wilby Wonderful. It was a little slow, but easy to follow. Reading the script after seeing the movie put a lot of things into prospective. I could actually see the characters as I read their lines. Wanna know what it’s about. Here is the blurb.

Wilby is the name of a small island in the Canadian Maritimes and the name of the main town located on the island. According to residents, there are two types of people who live on Wilby: islanders (people who were born on Wilby) and non-islanders. Among the townsfolk of Wilby are: single mom and recently returned islander Sandra Anderson, who was known as the girl in town with the reputation, something that has not changed in her adult years; Sandra's teen-aged daughter, Emily, who doesn't want to end up like her mother but can only think about making out with her new boyfriend; Buddy French, the local police officer who is having unspoken marital problems with his non-islander wife, Carol, the town realtor whose controlling behavior is pushing her and others around her on the verge of a nervous breakdown; the Mayor, Brent Fisher, who is secretly planning for his life post politics; dyslexic Duck McDonald, the town handyman; and recently separated non-islander Dan Jarvis who, because of activities at the island's seaside hangout called "The Watch", wants to kill himself if only people would leave him alone. As the townsfolk interact with each other, most are looking for the same thing as summed up by Duck to Emily in speaking about her mother: "She wants to love and be loved, just like all of us"

It’s got a really good message to it that most can relate to.
So now I have my assignment for the week and lucky me, I get to analyze the town hussy. LOL
Here is my assignment.

Your character's relevant outer characteristics (name, age, job, looks, etc.)
2) The setup for your character (his/her world before the problem)
3) The problem for your character that ruptures their world
4) Your character's conscious goal
5) The character's antagonist, the obstacles the antagonist presents to your character, and the actions your character takes to overcome those obstacles
6) The ordeal, where all seems lost for your character
7) The crisis, where your character has to make a hard choice
8) Your character's unconscious (or in some cases secret) goal if any
9) The climax for your character (the moment of most intense emotional release)
10) The resolution for your character (how is the character at the end different from the beginning? Is there a hint of what the future may bring?)
11) Is your character a protagonist and how do you know.

I have a week to get this done and hand it in. Not a problem, I live for deadlines. J I think that aside from learning how to create a screenplay, this course will also help build my writing skills.

We’re never to old to learn are we.
My daughter, who has been struggling with medical problems which have affected her school work said to me the other day that failing grade twelve and having to do it all over next year was the end her wanting to become a vet. She thinks she’ll be too old by the time she’s done school. She’s 17 and very dramatic. J Biting back a chuckle, I explained to her that we are never too old to learn. I also reminded her that she was only 17 and would be barely 18 when she would graduate. A normal age for most. She did start kindergarten when she was 4 instead of 5. I used myself as an example saying that I am 45 and going back to school, more or less, to get a degree in screenwriting because it’s something I want to pursue. She understood my point and agreed she still had plenty of time to pursue her career. Mission accomplished.I never graduated from high school and only have a grade nine education. At the time I had to stay home and help my parents after both had major surgery. I was happy to quit because I wasn’t that smart and always struggled to get above a fifty. But I always told myself someday I would get my diploma and eventually go to school and become a psychologist. That never happened as I got married and had a family. I’ve always insisted my children finish school, explaining that is so easy to say I’ll get to it if I fail, but life has a way of getting in the way of your plans and dreams.

I also reminded my daughter that I did fulfill one of my dreams when I was thirty-nine. I became a published author.

Life is scary and sometimes it can be overwhelming. No matter what gets in your way, its never too late to fulfil a dream.

See you next week!


Sheila said...

Not that smart? Don't sell yourself short. Look what you've done and are doing. Published author- college student in screenwriting. Wow! As hard as it is to break into print, you've done it. And you have a family. I know another multi-pubbed author who didn't finish HS and she's my mentor. She's one of the kindest, helpfullest (that's a word now 'cause I'm a writer), most down to earth people I know. It sounds as if you're a great role model for your daughter, too. You rock, sister. Take it from another Sheila.

aka Raven

Authors Promoting Authors said...

Your new assignment sounds fun Shiela.
And it is incredibly inspiring that you are sharing this journey with us :o)

Shiela Stewart said...

HI Raven, thnks for stopping in and for your encouragement. I always sell myself short and am working on it. LOL
I've always told my kids they clould be anything they liked and I always emphasized to my daughter that being a female doesn't mean she can't be what she wants to be.

Thanks for popping in Tina-Sue. I thought it might be a good motivational thing for me to put down my weeks progress, and who knows, I may just encourage someone else to do something they've wanted to do but haven't gotten around to it. :)

Jennifer James said...

Girl, you're doing great. :) I'm still trying to finish my bachelor's degree. It took me 8 years to finish my associates. Now, I have 2 semesters left. It's never too late to start over and pursue a dream. I'm looking forward to following your journey in screen writing class. And i feel your pain in advance if you get sick of assignments/papers and want to chuck your stuff across the room. :)

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by!

2 semesters isn't bad. You can do it! :)

Right now the work load is light, but looking ahead at what there is in the next coming weeks I'm thinking i might be throwing my laptop across the room. LOL