Friday, December 18, 2015

Only a few more days until Christmas.  Since last year I've gained two daughter in laws. My family is growing. I can still remember when the kids were young. The joy of seeing their faces as they opened the presents from Santa. The anticipation on Christmas Eve to see what Santa will bring them. Cookies and Milk would be set out and the watch out the window to see if they could see Santa in the sky begins. Since having my kids I have always said they are the only gifts I need. This year's wish was no different. All I want is to have my family home for Christmas and to see the joy on their faces as they open their gifts. The most precious of all is seeing my little grand daughter's excitement as she opens hers. That to me is the greatest gift of all.

This year I'm going to add one of the traditions I grew up with for Supper. Every year my mother would make a dish called Mowse. Its a pudding of sorts with dried fruits in a creamy sweet sauce. It was a pudding my father always insisted be made. I used to make it, but haven't for years. I hope my kids remember it.

I'm done all my shopping and now its just sit and relax until the big day is here.

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