Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 1st the 4th book in my Darkness series was re-released. If you love vampires, witches and romance then this series is for you. 

Since I'm feeling generous, I've decided to give away one copy of the first book in the Darkness series, Seducing the Darkness. One lucky winner will receive their very own copy. All you have to do is give me four character names from Seducing the Darkness.

Now here is a look at Charming the Darkness.


    Daniel Vega had never been comfortable as a human so when he was offered eternal life as a vampire, he turned his back on his family and welcomed the darkness. Then Chaos, the one man Danny thought he could always count on, goes missing. Now, shunned by his own kind, it seems that leaving Jacob’s Cove is his only option. Until he crashes into a high-spirited redhead.
    Born from witches, Starla Raine has spent her entire life learning to control and manage her powers. Drawn to Jacob’s Cove, a city magically cloaked in darkness, Starla runs into Daniel, a man connected to the infamous spell, and she knows just what to do. Hold him hostage and, use any means possible to make him give her what she wants.
    The two forge an unlikely partnership, with Danny agreeing to help Starla find the ritual, but only if she’ll work with him to locate Chaos. At first he doesn’t mind using her magical abilities, or her body, for his own gain. Sex is just sex, after all… until someone’s heart gets in the way.


Slamming his fists against the steel door, Danny screamed for
his life. When he heard someone outside the door, he didn’t stop screaming, but raised his voice an octave.
“You have to let me out of here. I have to go home.”
He heard the locks click and as the door opened, he prepared to
make a run for it. He stopped dead in his tracks when Chaos stepped
through the threshold.
“What seems to be the problem, my boy?”
This was the man he looked up to, admired, wanted to be like.
Yet now, Danny had reservations. “I need to go home. My parents
will be worried sick about me.
Chaos closed the door, encasing them both in the dark dank
room. “You are home, my boy. This is your home now.”
“No, no I made a mistake. I need to go home now.” He darted
for the door but it was still locked. “Please, let me go.”
The hand that rested on his shoulder startled him.
“This was just what you wanted. You don’t belong with those
humans and we both know it. You’re different. Like me.” He turned
Danny to face him and the smile did little to comfort Danny. “We are
your family now.”
“I should tell them where I am. I can still be with you and be
with them too.”
“They won’t understand who you are now. They’ll try to kill you
like all humans do. This is your world now, Daniel.”
No, it wasn’t. Was it? He was so confused. He loved his family,
yet he didn’t feel like he belonged. Still…he wasn't sure this was
where he belonged either.
He was so confused.
“They won’t kill me. They’ll understand.”
“Will they? They didn’t understand you before now. What
makes you think they’ll accept you the way you are now. This is
your home now, my boy. Now come. You need to feed.”
Danny walked back to the cot, reluctantly, with Chaos and as
they sat down on the bed, Chaos pulled the sleeve back on his right
wrist and using the index finger of his left hand, sliced his wrist
The smell of the blood called to him and repulsed him all the
Danny looked down at the grey blood oozing out of Chaos’ veins
and realized what he was supposed to do.
And he couldn’t.
“No!” He ran for the door, and once again pounded his fists
against the metal. He’s screamed, he cried and he pleaded to get out
of there.
He was hoisted off his feet and carried back to the bed. As Chaos
tossed him down, pinning him with one hand, he shoved the bleeding
wrist into Danny’s face.
“No! No! No!” Jerking his head from side to side, he refused to
give in to the calling and take the blood into his mouth. His body
ached so fiercely he thought it might break in two.
Chaos shoved the wrist against him mouth and the instant the
blood touched his lips Danny felt the need overtake him.
As he pulled the sweet nectar into his mouth, the tears fell down his face.

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